2007 : Libre Energie was born from Bruno GRIMAUD and Frédéric CHEREAU’s meeting, who both were motivated to create a photovoltaic specialized company.

2008-2010 : Quick growth of the company along with the French development of the renewable energies.

2010 : French regulatory framework evolution strongly effects the local market. Libre Energie decides to innovate and work on export markets.

2011 : Technical development and patent registration for the KW3 stand alone solar generator.

2011 : Libre Energie launches a new self consumption solar program for professionals in France «Le Plan Energie Entreprise »

2013 : Libre Energy opens its agency in Casablanca ( Marocco)

2013-2014 :  Libre Energie participates to the major international solar exhibitions ( Intersolar Munich, Middle East Electricity Dubaï,..) to present the KW3 solar generator.

2014 :  Distribution network is developing in Africa, Middle-East, Asia and South America.

2015 : Libre Energie is selected by the Nicolas Hulot foundation to participate to the " my positive impact " prize.

2016 : The solar self-consumption market is growing in France for professionals and home market.  KW3 5th version is being studied including improvements on the temperature management system and the distance monitoring.



Created in 2007, LIBRE ENERGIE specializes in consulting, engineering, promotion and application of renewable energy production systems. Identified in France as a photovoltaic solutions provider, Libre Energie is also known on the international market as a self-consumption generators manufacturer, who provides  turnkey solutions for electrical power generation that can  produce and stabilize energy for night to day use. Libre Energie is member of  Atlansun  which over the years has become the reference network for the solar industry agents in the Loire Valley region (Industrials, engineering offices, Architects, researchers,..).  


Since 2007, Libre Energie's teams have been working according to shared values for our customers satisfaction and for the development of our activities :
    • Customer service minded
    • Responsibility awareness
    • Honesty and open minded behaviour 
    • Team spirit
    • Learning from mistakes and acting accordingly
    • Challenging behaviour and encouraging innovation
    • Respect each other
    • Being serious without taking yourself seriously


A qualified Engineering office
Our Engineering office, certified by the OPQIBI organization, provides you with the best technical solutions. LEN guaranties you a reliable and efficient electricity generator equipment.
Administration customer support
Administrative procedures are included in LIBRE ENERGIE’s services .
An own technicians’ team
Our teams are fully trained to solar equipment installation according to French or other country’s electrical and roofing standards.
Our engineers have developed specific supervision and monitoring tools for photovoltaic solar generators, independent from manufacturers technical solutions already provided. These allows you to follow in real time your solar production and this way to control your return on investment. Libre Energie proposes maintenance contracts with a guarantee of production to insure the continued existence of your generator.
Solar generator manufacturer
Our engineers have designed and patented stand-alone solar generators, powered from 3 kW to 300 kW. These generators are made in France and freighted worldwide. We also design custom fitted generators for specific applications.
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