Our engineering office, qualified since 2009 by the OPQIBI (French certifying body for engineering qualification), advises you for the technical solutions choice on any kind of photovoltaic project (on or off grid, self-sufficiency, grand scale projects). We bring along contracting parties in their projects, in France and abroad, from project to final technical reception of the generator. Our business sector :
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Technical and financial specification drawing up
  • Design innovative renewable energy solutions (solar, wind-turbine, battery storage, fuel cell…)
  • Detailed financial and technical studies
  • Implementation checking
  • Insurance companies professional expert
Supervision and maintenance :
  • All size generators distance monitoring
  • Dysfunction analysis and repair solutions
  • Annual preventive control visit
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Since 2007, Libre energie achieves, with its own technical teams (Quali’PV certified), photovoltaic installations for residential or industrial sites, agriculture and public buildings in France and abroad :

Tie grid systems 

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Self-consumption with or without battery storage 

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Off-grid systems 

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For residents:
We have designed the KW3 Home, a Plug and Play system with back-up ( battery storage) You have access to a display control panel to check your consumption and state of charge on live. It can be done on your PC or Smartphone via a WIFI connexion
For industrials, public referents and farmers: We can design the solar solution and provide you with the analysis of the return on your investment while suiting to your budgets and aims. We will integrate the solar panels in respect of your architectural building. We will manage grid constraints; As an option our system can be monitored online, with analysis showing over performance.
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Libre Energie : Energy Everywhere We carry your photovoltaic solar project from study to site reception for a perfect achievement :
  • On site visit and measuring
  • Tailored technical and financial design
  • Complete administrative support according to the country norms and procedures
  • Our own team’s on site technical checking and building plan
  • Organisation of the equipment on site
  • Delivery and commissioning of the solar installation
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  What if you could reduce your electricity bill by using solar energy ? We can provide you with a complete offer included:
  • Analysis of your annual energy consumption
  • Solution designed according to your building structure
  • Tariff analysis
  • Technical offer by selecting only premium equipment
  • Planning and Installation of the solar solution
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For a better technical and financial improvement of your solar generator, it is mandatory to supervise it, to give reliable diagnosis and quickly repair. Libre Energie proposes maintenance and supervision services with an efficient all trade marks compatible distance supervision tools. Supervision, diagnosis and maintenance are made by qualified and experienced professionals. Our services :
  • Distance monitoring
  • Analysis and diagnostic
  • Preventative maintenance operations
  • All trade marks remedial maintenance
  • Solar panels cleaning
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  We have designed and patented a plug & play system, zero CO² gaz emission, silent and easy to install solution : KW3 stand-alone solar generator Applications :
  • Off grid power
  • Water pumping
  • Back-up : outrages
  • 24 hour sites : Telecoms, hospital, CCTV & security, IT servers
KW3 advantages  :
  • Silent (No engine)
  • Planet friendly (No diesel = no CO² gaz emissions)
  • Cost efficient (No maintenance cost = sun is free)
  • Simple (easy to use = Plug & Play)
  • Universal (can be adapted to any current)
  • Maintenance free
  • Safe ( RCD/MCB protection, overload protection and battery isolator)
  • IP 54 rated and ventilated
  • CEE norms (100% european)
  • Evolutive (extra options are available)
  • Compatible with other auxiliary sources (diesel generator, fuel cell, wind turbine)
  • KW3 range from : 1kW to 45kW
  • Tailored KW3 from 45kW to 300kW